A typical Sunday morning service occupies about an hour and fifteen minutes. Our purpose is to bless and glorify God. We believe and teach that our worship services are designed and executed for believers. (See “Philosophy of Ministry.”) We know there will always be inquirers among us, but our first priority will be to edify Christians present. We serve the Lord’s Supper each week, believing that this special time of reflection is a critical season of Communion with our risen Lord. Our messages are verse by verse expositions of a Bible text. While these will never be a substitute for your own personal devotional life, you will learn the Word of God and have it applied to your life.

Our music is God centered, professionally executed, and devotionally received. We sing to the Lord for about thirty minutes each week. We do not have an invitation at the end of the service - although our staff and leadership teams are available to minister to anyone who might need to speak to one of us after our meetings. Our seasons of prayer are varied – depending on the need of the moment, but are included every time we meet.