Men's Ministry

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Perry Laymon

Guys will love our church!!! We have what we like to call, ”high testosterone” men’s fellowship. We do all the stuff guys love to do and grow in the Lord as we do so.

Doing Together What We Cannot Do Alone...

MM is designed to impact relationships on three levels… and disciple every man among us to the end of reaching his full potential in Christ. We encourage men’s retreats, fellowship, special men’s speakers, and discussion of subjects of particular interest to men. We have a Friday morning breakfast Bible study for early birds...  6:30 AM  :-)

MM encourages moral purity, accountability partnerships, healthy marriage and family models for our men. We give major emphasis to devotional intensity, and personal spiritual growth.

1. Sports fellowship and ministry

Softball, golf, fishing, hunting, skeet shooting, wild game supper, men’s speakers.

2. Service opportunities

Internal helps… random acts of kindness…

3. Men for Missions

Creative fund raising for missionaries we support… Service events when missionaries are in our area… Travel to the field… We partner with three different foreign missionaries.  For security reasons we cannot elaborite here.  If you are passionate about reaching the lost in far away places, speak to one of our elders when you visit.