Who should consider New Hanover Church?

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  • Born Again Christians looking for a church home, and a place to serve.
  • Those who were raised in a church, but do not now attend one.
  • Those new to our community.
  • Those looking for real meaning in life by learning to apply Scripture to actual life.
  • Young families wanting to get grounded in a solid Christ centered, Bible teaching church.
  • Folks with a spirit of adventure who want their lives to count for eternity.

About our Leadership...
The Bible prescribes a team style of leadership for the local church. Depending on the church, these men are usually called either Pastors, Elders or Deacons. We call them either Elders or Pastors. We are blessed with five such godly men at NHC.  They are profiled under the tab that says, "Leadership."

Kid Friendly...
We’re committed to using all of our resources to insure our young people survive their adolescent years. Too often churches see their young people abandon their spiritual roots somewhere in their High School years.   We're planning age graded classes for each bracket.  Perhaps there is a place for you to teach God's Word at NHC...  Speak to one of our leaders.